How to change gamma of multi sub object


So I have created a model that has a multi sub object material applied to it. The multi sub object consists of a series of standard materials each with a diffuse colour. No textures.
The gamma on everything in my scene looks fine when rendered with a gamma 2.2 setup. However this particular model looks terrible. But the model looks fine with 1 gamma, although with 1 gamma the rest of the scene looks crap then.

So I am wondering how I can change the gamma of this particuar object.


I think you’ll have to change the gamma of the individual bitmaps in the materials on that object.


Yes, you need to put a color correction node in the diffuse slot and set the gamma to 1, or load a texture of your flat color and set the gamma manually when you select it.
Not sure how default diffuse color react to LWF. Pretty bad obviously.


To answer this correctly we would need to know how you have your gamma setup, what renderer you are using mental ray or vray and if you are using just diffuse color in you materials of your model or images of some sort.

The most likely source of error here since your model is ok with one gamma setting and not the other but the rest of your scene is vice versa is your gamma setting.


I am rendering the scene with Affect colour selectors and material editor on, and input and output gamma set to 2.2. This is what it looks like and is the look I want:

However the sword he is holding should look like this:
This sword picture is rendered with the same settings but with bitmap input and output both set to 1.

As I said in my first post before. The model (the sword) has a multi-sub object material on applied to it. With different standard materials within it. Each of these materials just has a diffuse colour on it, so the ‘pixels’ are coloured.


Is the gamma actually on? Set to 2.2? If so,you don’t need to change the gamma of the individual materials. This is what the input gamma and “affect colors” are for. All you have to do is either darken, or lighten the colors, according to ur preferences.


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