how to change deformation order?



Apologies for my stupidity, I am a newb, hence my question:
I have made some clusters on the face of my character to control the movement of the mouth. The thing is, I made these clusters and painted the weights on the character which has already been skinned to a skeleton. How do I go about changing the deformation order, ie. such that the clusters are applied first to the characters mouth and then the skeleton? I am quite afraid of the hypergraph, can n e kind person teach me how to solve my problem?

thanx a ton in advance,


no worries, guyz… I figured it out.

If you are using maya 6.

-> Right click the object you want to change the deformation of.

-> Select “inputs”

-> Select “All inputs”

-> From this list of input operations, you can middle click and drag deformations around in order to chage deformation order.

Hope this helps some pple who were as frustrated as I was.




Thanks for the tip, will.
That’s a good one to remember.


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