How to: Buy and Mount your PC


Well, recentily I had to make a HUGE research (plus a lot of people from this forum gave me some cool sugestions) so, I ended with a kikk *ss configuration, probabily a DREAM PC. This is not the best pc out there, but it must be a hell good one ! If its not, then, please your help is apreciated :slight_smile:

Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2Ghz
Asus P4P800 Deluxe
Volcano Thermaltake v7+ 6600rpm
SBAudigy 2 Zs Platinium Pro 7.1 (THX Certified)
nVIDIA XFX GeForce 6800 GT 256 GDDR3
2x512Mb Dual DDR 400Mhz Kingston PC3200
2x512Mb Dual DDR 400Mhz Kingston PC3200
HD 160Gb Western Digital SATA 7200Rpm 8Mb
Samsung SyncMaster 765Mb 17’’ Flat
Power Suply W0009R 420w (Dual Fan)
Tsunami TT Aluminum Case Series Black
Logitech Z-680 5.1 THX Certified
(Subwoofer of 188Watts RMS)


Special Information:

Sound System: Creative MegaWorks 7.1 S750 (THX Certified) is the best choice for a speaker. Rest assured, you will not regreat to have bought these speakers, they have a very POWERFUL subwoofer!! Plus, it will fit perfectily with the Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1 with is also THX Certified. Also if you Want to save a little bit of money, you can have almost the same power as the MegaWorks, you can choose between the MegaWorks 5.1 THX, and Logitech Z-680 5.1 THX Certified, both will give you a very very POWERFUL subwoofer.

Video Card: If you have a bigger Wallet, then you will probably preffer the GeForce 6800 ULTRA as it is a little bit better than the GeForce 6800 GT, the GT version is the best one even against the top sellers from Radeon.

Case: This is something you can choose for yourself, each one has their own opnion about the color, and style, I have selected the recent release from Thermaltake, the Tsunami Aluminium series.

Processor: The Pentium 4 Prescott is cheaper than a Athlon FX53, and offers almost the same power.

Monitor: Some say that size matters, but for me, a 17’’ is enough even for 3D. I must recomend you at least a 19’’, also recomended by the forum members.

Motherboard: Asus P4P800 Deluxe, is a good choice for the Pentium 4 Northwood or Prescott, the board had good reviews from tomshardware.

Hard Disk: The Hard disks can go from 20Gb, 120Gb, 160Gb and 250Gb (to a even 400Gb), always remember to buy the Serial ATA version with 133mhz, and most important: with 8Mb Buffer + 7200 Rpm. These are the best choice so far.

Memory: 2x512Mb Dual DDR 400Mhz Kingston PC3200, Dual DDR is a MUST, with at least 1Gb, recomended = 2 Gb (4x 512 Dual). You can get even better than 400Mhz, but then the P4P800 Deluxe won’t work, so keep in mind that you will have to choose another board if you want to enjoy the maximum power from that memory.

Conclusion: There you go! One Awsome computer that will last for at least 2 years with no need for huge upgrades.

  1. Those speakers are average, there are in fact many many ways to beat them.

  2. The geforce 6800 isnt way way better than the GT, theyre fairly close, especially as you can tell the drivers to automatically clock the GT higher than a standard Ultra.

  3. The P4 prescott isnt faster than any AMD out there, the Athlon FX53 beats the p4 in the majority of cases.

  4. The p4 isnt available in up to 4ghz.

  5. Harddrives arent just available from 80-250 gigs, they typically go from 20gigs to 400.

  6. You can use memory faster than 400mhz with that board, there is no speed limit.


I seriosly think that a quadro is much better that a geforce (if U need a workstation and not a GAMING station)


that volcano may run at 22db iat startup, but it will ramp up as needed check the max rating anything over 30db’s will be LOUD.


I had no idead that this guide would be so wrong rofl :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the help !!

I am curious how you can beat the logitech z-680 (I dont mean by higher sound, but with better Movie-a-like experience (subwoofer of 188watts RMS) is that really possible ?

is’nt Athlon FX53 more expensive than P4 Prescott ?

I will fix the guide, thx!


Volume doesnt equal quality, not at all. You’ll never turn up those speakers to full, it just wont happen. Look for reviews on quality, not maximum volume. Logitech arent known for making brilliant sound systems. Look for a manufacturer with a german sounding name, theyre always the best :wink:

The FX53 is much more expensive, but price was never in question aspecially as this is supposed to be a kick ass dream PC.


Hello guys! I’m new to this part of the forum but I’d like to
contribute with an interesting link/tutorial on how to build your own
home 3D workstation. It’s from 2002 so it’s a little outdated and long but
still fun to read and the author has some really good points.

“Building your own graphics workstation” by Dariush Derakhshani

Hope this can contribute to your guide, good luck! :thumbsup:



last time I saw info regarding serial ata the general consensus was that there was little if any benefit or increase over using standard ide. has this changed? if so, how and why?



nice setup.

imash may be right about the speakers.

i don’t know what imash is saying abouut hard drives though.

prescott is a great chip.

no need for S-ATA.

hard drives can’t even use the bandwidth used by IDE.


S-ATA hard disks are a tiny little bit faster than a normal IDE, plus the wire has only 7 pins (smaller) = more space for ventilation :slight_smile: Thats the only good things about the SATA that I could find.

The speakers, you are correct indeed, the 4.1 logitech ca’nt be turned to the maximum, the woofer starts to make noises with you ca’nt tolerate (it hurts the ears and the head too much).

But recentily I found out that Creative SB Live 5.1 has some kind of subwoofer buster with I dont know how to turn off, I believe that was the reason for the noises. When I changed for another sound card (6.1, onboard from P4P800 Deluxe) I finaly found a option to turn off the option “subwoofer Buster”, and the noises disapeared! The difference is amazing.

Cooler: Any sugestions for a ZALMAN or Thermaltake cooler that can be used for overclock and keep the noise down ?

  • Thermaltake Volcano 7+ has a 48db at 6.600 rpm, and 22db at low speed.


for overclocking use a water cooling system


I did not know about the GigaWorks series from creative labs :stuck_out_tongue:

MegaWorks THX 5.1 (550Watts) or 6.1 (600watts) or even 7.1 (750watts?)

[b]Any of these megaworks (the ones certified by THX) are stronger than any logitech out there (only two so far: 4.1 (400watts) and 5.1 (505watts))

There is a few more speakers on the competition with you can check here:

But, for me, I would only choose or Logitech or Creative MegaWorks, the best one I believe it is the MegaWorks 7.1, unless the subwoofer is less than 188Watts, then I would buy a Logitech 5.1 THX.[/b]


Ok, I will start a water cooler research :wink:

But if I want to leave the water away, any good zalmans out there ? for a medium overclock


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