How to build and texture a good Road/Track?


Hi guys,
Just wanted to know the best way to go about building a road and the easiest way to texture it.
Would it be best to build the road as one solid object or brake it up into sections such as turns and straights?
Whats the best way to texture a road? would it be to lay down one tilable texture and add details here and there with textured/alpha planes?
So basicaly how to make a Track/Road as in recently release Colin Mcrea Dirt…


I use a spline loft for the basic track since it is easy to tweak (if you don’t collapse the loft). Also has the added benefit of being able to auto unwrap it (just need to tweak the scale of it).

Once the basic track is completed you can add in custom areas with wider or narrower sections, etc.

Can also use the method found at The road that follows terrain video tutorial is at the bottom of the page.

You can make a modular track if you want (breaking it up in to turns and straights). Although in terms of racing enjoyment I don’t think its the best option since a track should never be flat. Need dips, hillls, or even a corckscrew (Laguna Sec style) to keep it interesting.

I have wireframes of Gran Turismo tracks (forget where I got them… some gaming site). If you’re interested I can post them up.


i dont know myself never tried it but its something i have wanted to do. Could you post them wires up NeoNautica im veryyy interested


Gran Turismo Picture Pack: Download - 3.4MB

Includes: Top down wireframes of a few tracks and track layouts for most of the tracks.


Thanks Neonautica, downloading those wire now.


Another way to do it is with Nurbs. I used to work with realtime arch-viz and we used nurbs to great effect for roads since it’s a bit easier to tweak than a loft (just grab cvs compared to tweaking shapes or scale). I can’t remember the correct name for the nurbs tool but you basically have two splines that make up the edge of your road and then sweep/loft a surface with the two splines as guids. Together with chuggnuts uv-tools for pixel precision uv adjustment, it wasn’t that bad heh.


I’v been playing Colin Mcrae DIRT for a while now to try and find a good technique going round 1 lap took me almost 45 mins :slight_smile: looking at seems and edges trying to work out how they do it. Got some good answers too, A good trick I’v noticed is they make the small foliage always face camera so it doesnt look like a flat plane when you go past it, Very clever…


Thanks for the wireframes NeoNautica.


very interesting thread…


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