How to break into broadcast graphics/motion graphics field???



I’m starting this thread to see what people have to say about breaking into the motion graphics field.

How do people who have a new love for motion graphics get their foot in the door? Where do they find the jobs, how do they start out.

If there are any professionals out there, please feel free to share your experiences with getting into the motion graphics field or ways that newcomers can try to break in.

I’m currently in a grad cg program and I’ve decided that I want to focus motion graphics and head in that direction but I have absolutely no idea how to break in. I know i’ll need a kick ass reel and a heavy skill set, but I haven’t the slightest idea as to where to look for work, how to find out about available jobs, etc.

Alot of people on this forum feel the same way.

what do we do? Any words to help us out?

thanks in advance.


I think you will get more reply here at this forum - After Effects - Broadcast Design

There’s a lot of authors of books/media pros who hang around there


thanks for the advice. i’m going to post there.


i suggest that you post on both areas btw.

I mean post also in the after effects area, because there’s a lot more activity there.


well cant tell you for sure, but I have to say a killer demo reel seems to
get people most of their jobs. of course practice, and try to get some freelance jobs to get the ball rolling.


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