How to best unwrap/paint a formula 1 car texture?


I have an existing model of a formula 1 car that a client wants re-skinned with their own custom paint job for an advertisement. The model has UV’s which work adequately to place the Text sponsor decals, but the problem is they want the car to have rainbow stripes along these lines:

where the stripes are continuous all across the car. That’s easy enough but they want the design applied to a formula 1 car which has incredibly complex shapes, such as:

Any suggestions on how to do this? I normally texture everything old school with maya laying out UV’s by hand and painting in photoshop, but due to the number of small intricate parts, that is proving to be impossible for me to acheive on the schedule I have. I need a fast way to get this done and have absolutely no seams- so I am thinking I might need to move to a dedicated 3d painting tool.

The question is, what would be the best tool for this job? If anybody knows of any specific tutorials or threads about this please just point me that way. I have been looking at substance painter but it’s not clear to me if that will generate UV’s that I can export to photoshop, or if it makes crazy auto style UV’s that can then only be edited within a 3d program.

Basically, assume I’m a total newb and explain the workflow to me! A thousand thanks in advance.


Wouldn’t projection painting be the way to go? In zbrush you could project all your passes as masks and then use them in photoshop to refine the job without needing to modify the UV’s (or at least very little). Another approach would be to model those stickers as floating objects and do a diffuse bake that will be used for the masks, pretty much the same as with zbrush but you can get more accurate results imo. As long as the texel density on those UV shells is 1:1 you should be able to do this easily.