How to bend a circle to get this shape?


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I don’t get the point how to bend a circle to archive this kind of shape (the extrusion will follow - of course)
I am playing around with a bend and a twist. But have no luck. Any ideas which non linear deformer I have to use?

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Hi. Create a cilinder with very dense subdivision. Apply a deformer\texture. Assign a ramp as “projection map”. Cilindrical projection map, scale it based your cilinder. model.
Add a series of new ramp position with different color scale, based grey scale,
Create your curve, select cilinder, select curve, go to \deform\curve warp. Et voilà. You can joke with scale and rotation based a curve warp ramp. You can have an effects like this:

. Using the sam ramp, duplicate it, and assign as color of your shader. Change the grey scale color to your prefer color variation.



Thank you @tsejam1976!

Well I am more looking for a way how to bend the main shape, so I can get this nice loop which made the whole shape looks like an “e”. A way how to bend the profile curve.

But again thank you. Your approach for the surface itself is a nice one and also help me a lot!



@ytsejam1976: I see!
Works perfect! Thank you!