How to begin the Hand modeling process on my model?


Okay Hello, My name is Michael and I am a new student at Full sail. I am taking the Computer Animation Course Online since it was all I can afford. All other artschools were ridiculously expensive. Now I have to work even harder at finding information and getting ahead as there isn’t an actual teacher always present to just ask. Online class gets Pretty Intensive during the actual animation lessons so i want to be ahead of the game of everything. I’ve been following many tutorials on character modeling as i want to create my own animation eventually. A character Right now is good enough.

THE PROBLEM. I followed this tutorial to create a Character Model. for the body it has been splendid. I learned tons of techniques. However. his character is an animal character. With 3 finger like claws instead of human Hands like my model. He adjusts his cylinder to create a shape to fit 4 finger appendages…How do I work in a way where I can get 5 fingers…here are some pictures of what i am working with…

Here is his video it begins around 18:09 mark where the hand process begins.*


Hello Michael,

I recommend searching and looking at topology and retopology references/videos. Sometimes you get one or the other but it is the same. Another term to look for is edgeflow for animation. I’m just guessing that you may not have an artist’s tablet. So, box modeling and/or modeling from picture planes like you have been doing is the best method currently. Just keep looking at your topology references as you model.

Added information.

You are probably tight on spending but if or when you are serious with character modeling. I suggest getting an artist tablet in the future. Wacom intuos small pen tablets are pretty cheap on Amazon and good for beginners. The pen tablets are crucial for production of sculpting, modeling and textures. Main workflow for organic modeling is sculpting and then remodeling with retopology. Another plus is painting textures with the tablet. Of course you need a modeling and/or sculpting software and a texturing software. Luckily, you have Blender for most of your needs with just one software.


No… i dont’ think tablet is required for character modeling until you are about to sculpture. Mouse are best in 3D modeling… And about character… Rodger Davis is absolutely right. topology is the only thing you need to learn … but even better… you draw hand as a seperate 3D object and connect that with it… and after that… remove or add edges to match topology with your wrist of this character.*


Animation is pretty much hard alone so I recommend trying to get comfortable with that first.

Sculpting is part of the ‘sculpt to retopology’ modeling workflow. There are many workflows of course. Box modeling, Plane modeling, and Sculpt/Retpology modeling. You will need sculpting if you do anything with folds, realistic like skin, and many other things in the end. Most essential for texture maps like Normals and Displacement. Learning multiple workflows in general and finding the one that suits you is a big key.


Thank you guys I do have a Wacom Intuos Pro atm also *


Okay thank you Rodger I will try my best to find tutorials on this topic