How to be in creation mode?


This is so ridiculous but I can’t find how to to it…

I want to replicate the button Line (in the spline UI) in my script UI that trigger the line creation…

on btnLine pressed do Line()

This is not working it create a empty line at 0,0,0

And can’t find the ID for an actionMan.executeAction

And is this the same if I have created a Extended line plugin? Calling it from my rollout button…




maybe you looking for –

startObjectCreation Line


That’s what I was searching like crazy today!!! Hahaha thanks!


Or you can use someting like this:

fn setLineProps s = 
   ( = (uniquename "Line")
       s.wirecolor = (color 0 255 255)
       s.thickness = 0.3
       s.sides = 6
       s.render_displayRenderMesh = true
   StartObjectCreation Line newNodeCallback:setLineProps


Exacly what I have done :slight_smile: Thanks

 fn f_CommentBoxCreation n =
  		( = UniqueName "COMMENTBOX"
  			n.wirecolor = color 10 250 10
  			n.render_displayRenderMesh = true
  			n.render_thickness = 2.5
  			n.castshadows = false
  		StartObjectCreation rectangle newNodeCallback:f_CommentBoxCreation



Can you explain to me what it means “&quot” and “COMMENTBOX_&quot”?


Sorry about that… When I pasted the code I didn’t see that, it is corrected.


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