how to batchconvert in to EXR (16bit half float, tiled mipmapped) ?


hey guys

Does anybody know how I can convert my textures (tif) to
openEXR exr (16bit half float, tiled mipmapped) ?
max suggested that here:
It seems like inf_copy can set only the compression… but thats it.
I want to run some networkrendering tests… with .map .exr etc…
But I have know Idea how to generate that kind of exr…
max? how are you doing it? :slight_smile:


inf_copy can only write mipmap/tile images into map format
you need exrmaketiled.exe
get openexr here
and with
exrmaketiled.exe -m -v test.exr test_tiled.exr
you can make your mipmapped texture
if iam right you cant make a tile + mipmap image only tile or mipmap
but you can test it and use both (tile and mipmap)
exrmaketiled.exe -m -t 64 64 -v test.exr test_tiled.exr

for batch use something like this
for %%i in (*.bmp *.tga *.jpg *.tif *.exr) do exrmaketiled.exe -m -t 64 64 -v %%i %%i.exr



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