How to bake DMM animation into maya animation geometry?


How to bake DMM animation into maya animation geometry?
I make DMM animation from maya2012 but i want to open it in maya2009 without DMM, any body can help me?


Hi, I just tried this and its pretty easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create your animation as you like in Maya 2012. Turn on the DMM Cache when you are happy with the result.
  2. Play the animation to fill the DMM Cache
  3. Go to Frame 1
  4. Select the “Output Surface Mesh” in the DMM Asset manager.
  5. Export the selected mesh with OBJexport (you will have to enable this in the Maya plugin settings, it is not on by default)
  6. Go to the “Animation” menu and select “Geometry Cache->Create Geometry Cache”. You will notice that your animation will begin playing, and will fill the cache. The cache is normally created in the data directory of your workspace and has a heading file that ends with “.xml”.
  7. In Maya 2009, load the object you exported with OBJExport in Maya 2012.
  8. Select the object.
  9. Go to the “Animation” menu and select “Geometry Cache->Load Geometry Cache”.
  10. Play the animation, you should see the geometry animate as expected.

I have attached a cache I created that you should be able to load into Maya 2009. Just load the object “glasstestwall.obj” and then the cache in glasstest2 titled “outputSurfaceShapeOrigOrig.xml” You can also load the DMM Scene if you wish. I have the tesselation set so the wall is 7271 tets, so if you are using the version of DMM included with Maya 2012, you may want to lower the area setting to .06 (if you do that, you will have to re-export the surface mesh of the wall in the way outlined earlier). I included the cache of the more dense object to show that you can cache very dense DMM animations this way.

You should note that the Geometry cache only caches vertex positions, not transforms. You will notice that when you apply the cache to your geometry.

Finally, I should point out that you do not need the DMM plug-in to play back the geometry cache animation.

The file I wanted to attach to this message was too large for the CGSociety limit, so I have put it on our website. You can get it here:



Thankyou, I tried to make geometry cache previously.the result of the Polygon is not the same as outputmesh, the fracture face disappeared.


Unfortunately, you are right. The geometry cache doesn’t appear to know how to handle dynamically changing geometry. It may be possible to do if all tets are separated initially, but that would require another preprocessing step. We separate the vertices as the object breaks, which is why we created our own caching architecture (as well as for the reason of doing the deformation per-tet).

I’ll look into this more and see if I can find you a solution.



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