How to attach null object to the animated Mograph clone? R19/R20


Hello there, i am struggling to be able to set things up in right way.
I just want to attach Null object to one null (Cloner is only one clone) and affected by sound effector)

I tried based on this page:

but even this is not perfect, the same problem as i could reach but the null is lightly sliding, you can see when you point right on it, in other words it is not perfectly parented.

My screen of XPresso Editor is attached bellow. Please help!

attach null object to the animated Mograph clone_problem.c4d (227.7 KB)

i attached the project file where you can see the problem from the top viewport. Cheers!


It’s a priority issue. Make sure your null/Xpresso tag are beneath your Cloner in the object manager, and adjust your priority settings on the tag to this:


Thank you very much Luke! Your solution really fixed my problem, i would never thought about stacking or even priority issues about it.
Cheers! :sun_with_face:


The new core arrived in R16 and priorities are still plaguing users 5 years later…

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