How to approach multiple nCloth 'instances'


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I am creating some heterochromatin, or inactive form of DNA. I have attached an image illustrating only part of the full structure and it will in fact be much longer. I need to place a group of animated proteins inside each of the rings of DNA- the proteins will be the same in each ring, but they will need to have unique, individual animation. I have done this previously by animating the proteins with nCloth, which gives beautiful, organic motion and then referenced the nCloth model to replicate it a small number of times, changing the frequency on turbulence fields slightly, to vary the animation. Obviously, if I use this method in this system, it will get very heavy, really quickly and fall over. So, what I’m after is some cheap way to replicate a group of nCloth animated proteins over and over, whilst having different animation on each one. Is this possible? Would another approach be better?

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Perhaps you could create a simplified tube shape for the overall molecule( like a simple quad tube), simulate it as cloth then use the output cloth mesh as a wrap deformer on the high resolution geometry(that has all the individual atoms).


Hi Duncan,

Thanks so much for your reply. That is exactly what I ended up doing and it worked beautifully. Didn’t even take that long to render. I did have to delete some of the proteins in each group where it wasn’t obvious, to make things lighter. I’ve attached an image so you see the result. I’m pretty pleased

with how it tuned out.

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