How to apply textures to a 3D model


Hey guys!

I downloaded a rig, and got this package. When I open the maya file, the model is gray, with no textures or color. I see that there are textures/images of some sort in the package, but my question is, how do I apply those images/textures to my dragon?



(1) Make sure that all the *.ma and *.mb files are inside a folder named “scenes”

(3) Make sure that all your textures are inside a sibling folder named “sourceimages”

(3) File | Set Project. Navigate to the parent folder of the above mentioned folders. “Set”

(4) Right click on your dragon:

(4) Pick “Lambert”


(5) Pick “File”


(6) Click on the folder icon to the right of “Image Name”

(7) Make sure that the chess background round icon “Textured” is clicked.