How to add connection points for molded parts assembly


I want to add connection points to the two halves of a design that will be injection molded.
Currently I am placing a cylinder so that it intersects my part, but I don’t want it protruding out the back.
Is there an easy way to do this?

Thanks for responding! And sorry–I guess it is kind of hard to explain.I have an action figure that will need to be molded in two parts. For these parts to mate together, I’ve added bosses (holes) to one side, and pins to the other.Green parts get the "union boolean"Red parts get the “subtract boolean”

This issue I’m running into is that I have to go in and model each green part so that it does not protrude through the aesthetic side of the figure:

I’m looking for a way to place each boss/ pin so that I don’t have go in and model each individual green part

I’ve found that with ProBoolean I can accomplish something similar to what I’m after, by selecting the cylinder, clicking “proboolean”, click “start picking”, select the action figure half, and pressing “1”

But this only works on an “open” non-shelled part. And I want it to work on a shelled part.

I guess I would need to specify which side of the cylinder I want to keep so the program knows which side to get rid of?I also want to be able to move the cylinder around and have it update like it would using proboolean.

I really hope that helps clarify and I’m sorry for the confusion!


use proboolean compound object
select the cylinder , click proboolean , click start picking , pick the sphere , press 1 , move the cylinder ,check the result


what I told was the method you need , and what you need is to mesh the object as the boolean one , the boolean sphere is not what you have done , but the one matching the sphere from reserved side,and wrapped the protruding side