how to access radial maya-like pop up menus


How do you activate/access the radial maya-like popup menu in R9…

In the workflow sample on Maxon’s site, there is a still image showing this…but the video does not show it.




“V” key

Called HUD (hidden user interfac)


Nope, HUD is Head Up Display, the menu is called General Popup.


M_GLOBAL_POPUP under the menu manager if you want to customize it.


Very cool feature! :thumbsup: Would go great on a mouse button.


Cool. thanks guys.

Really enjoying taking this new version for a test drive today


D.O.H. = (I Feel Stupid) :slight_smile:


don’t feel stupid, the new features haeonly been around a few days, not like you should have them memorized already (trust me while demoing I had to keep thinkingof what other new stuff I could show)

HUD standds for the Heads up Display, basically any of those wonderful OGL info boxes, or sliders, or frame counters and such that you see in the editor.

Just wait until I post the layout I’m using for animation in my book, then you will see what the HUD can really do


It would be nice to have more than one popup, optionally. I coudl see this being very useful, by assigning dff keys to these…


It has been requested, trust me :wink:


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