How they make those photorealistic humans?


1.Importing high poly mesh (lets say we do a head only) then apply hi res maps? but then you must have beasty pc ?


2.importing low poly mesh then apply hi res maps ?


both is valid… but first you need the skill to create those heads/textures… to learn that you need years of practice…


yea, i saw this already but as far as i noticed, they import high poly meshes directly ,right?
in other case i dont think maps could generate such a realistic detail in final render from low poly mesh.


You can definitely make realistic characters with low poly models.
Take a look at whats is possible in real time environments from Unreal Engine

Here’s a breakdown of making a realistic low poly model in marmoset viewer too.


Martin always making me proud!


There is no one way of doing things. Its all down to workflow. Most common for still imagery is to import the high poly mesh, and work on your shaders and maps to get a good balance dependant on your render engine and then work up the render in post, in something like photoshop, after effects or nuke (Depends on end use)
Another method would be to use low poly meshes and then again use shader work alongside your normal / displacement maps to get the mesh fidelity up there.
And this isn’t even getting into producing hair or fur or clothing etc.

Realistically it’s just years of practice and 100’s of hours of work. 101 ways to get to the same result. The end result is all down to the skill of the artist.