How the reposition the coordinate planes?


I have posted this question in several forums and am a little surprised that nobody has replied.

Perhaps I am asking the wrong question. Instead of moving around my object, placing it in the orientation that I prefer, should I reposition the coordinates planes instead?

Consider this couch:

They only have a 3DS version, so I imported it to 3ds Max.

Notice the weird positioning:

When I manipulate the object in one viewport, the other 2-3 are affected.



BTW: The only file format that can be:
(1) Imported
(2) Opened

by 3ds Max is the 3DS file format. I assume that both operations produce identical results and therefore they are equivalent?


Here’s a simple example. Left is normally considered for the point of view of the viewer. Let’s say that I call “Left” the driver’s side. I would like to turn the can 180 degrees and still call that view “Left”.

I have seen many car models that have the view displayed as “Front”, when in reality it is the back of the vehicle.

The only way I have been able to achieve this sort of thing is at import time. For instance, when importing SolidWorks models, we should click on “Y is up”.



I’m not surprised no one replied since it is not clear at all what you want.

Ok, if that surprises you, then I really suggest looking up some basic tutorials, cause you are confusing yourself by just jumping into 3ds max blind:


I want to be able to receive a model in an arbitrary position and being able to relocate in a way that makes sense.

When I see the Front viewport, I want to decide which part is the front. For some objects it is not straightforward.

Google is my friend, but I prefer to interact with human beings.



There are 2 ways, make a cube and use normal align to align your object to it:

This way has some shortcomings, if it did not work for you, a more robust way is to use the 3 point align script:


Great. Meanwhile, I have managed to set my couch straight. That file came from an antique version, file format 3DS.

The trick was locking the ViewCube first. I was doing it backwards.

For some reason I lost the Grid in the Left viewport. Oh, well…



G keyboard shortcut is to turn your grid back on.

D keyboard shortcut disables the view (you will see it in the top left in [brackets]) when ‘disabled’. This now wont update when the other viewport does unless you activate that viewport again (pressing D).

I advise you look up local and world view for moving your objects, this may help with the direction you want to move things in.

If they come in facing the wrong way, just rotate them 180 degrees. then the back should be the front etc.


Good advice as always, James.

I have been seeing those concepts in YouTube and elsewhere. Decided to postpone it, but now is the perfect time to delve into it