How should I start my career in the game industry?


Hi everyone,

I was wondering where I should branch out in my portfolio in order to line it up with entry-level game industry standards… Would you have any tips??

this is my portfolio:

I really don’t want to waste time working on something that will be of no use in this career. :sad:


Your portfolio is too general, if you’re looking to work in game development then you need to choose a position you’re looking for and focus on building a portfolio for that position. Some of the things you have there are probably not as good as others and I’d just go over everything and choose your best work.
Also, you don’t have a page for your resume


Thanks a lot, Darthviper. It makes sense. What would be the best area in game development I could work on to make into the industry?


Your head modeling is good, but it’s not clear whether you can make full-figure characters. You should show you can model full-figure models with clothes and correct retopology, normal baking and texturing (if you want to texture as well).
Your hard-surface modeling sholud show more difficult problem solving than 1 lamp and a couch of a thumbnail size. That means more complex models, consisting of more parts and showing you can finish complex scenes.
Your sellers will be 1 or 2 models from your portfolio, but really good ones. It’s not that 100 models matter more than 5 good ones.
It’s good you know some rigging, so show topology of your models with topology deformations.
Your artistic skills are strong, but you should finish your character models, that it’s clear you can deliver the product.


Wow! Well noted! I’m gonna work on full body sculpting and try to put some hard-surfacing in it. Oh, the lamp and couch were used on an interior design AR app, so they needed to be waaay low in the poly count and texture size to be able to run on older devices.

Thanks so much for the advice! :smiley:


Finish this girl and man full-body with clothes. Then make retopoed versions, unwrap and bake normal maps. Then texture, showing you can depict materials like fabric, skin. I’d say use baking clolors as a base from Zbrush. Perhaps you know how to make it, but it’s not clear from porftolio.
Entry game industry standards are:
-being able to model lowpoly models with animation-friendly topology (for characters) based on hipoly, making retopoed versions
-knowledge of both Zbrush and some major modeling app like 3ds max, Maya etc
-baking normal maps without bugs from hipoly to lowpoly

in your case, perhaps your strong point is characters, so concentrate on them, finishing so they look as good as possible.
All those small pieces you say for VR look rather easy to make and ruin the impression of a seriour artist.
Your resume is hard to get, as you have to install an app, and I wouldn’t do it. Provide an easier way to reach to your information.
SOme of your pieces are really good, but those unfinished create the impression either you don’t have time, or don’t care much. Try to put finished pieces. Leave out simple works and models.You should impress your employer with eye-candy. Wow-effect really works, it gives future work.


Great advice! I’ll do it! :slight_smile:


We’ve hired people based on assets purchased from places like CGTrader and the Unity Asset Store. In doing so I know that the work that the artist produces will work in our pipeline - and you will learn what assets to make and how to tailor your portfolio to what the industry is looking for. Plus you can make some money out of it. :slight_smile:

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Great tip. I’ll work on the assets once I’m finished with the 3d characters. I hope it all works out.


Also ensure to display your stuff in-engine plus your main competition are those artists already in the industry so align your work wlth theirs, whether entry level role or not.

Take a look on ArtStation and the edu/career section on Polycount for further info about the artistic benchmarks too aim for.

In fact, I’d also advise binning your private website and open an ArtStation account, because it’s become the HR/Recruiting goto in recent years so you’re actually starting behind the eightball already, making an effort to enter todays over saturated market, quite apart from attracting the neccessary number of eyeballs as well.


Interesting… When you say run my pieces in-engine, do you mean a marmoset viewer of sorts? Thanks for the advice.


I meant a game IDE Unity, UE or other also Marmoset if that’s an individual preference.


Quite simply a necessity WHY Your portfolio needs to be on ArtStation


Great article! Thanks for sharing