How on EARTH can I replicate this 3D optical illusion.


Hi Peeps

I’ve been asked to replicate this looping video that was found online in a higher resolution. However after about 3 hours of trying, I’m waving the white flag and am UTTERLY stumped at how to achieve this…
You can view the video here…

I have a feeling it’s probably something a LOT simpler than what it might initially appear. But my mind is just drawing a total blank right now.
If any one could help push me in the right direction to figuring this out, that would be great!! :slight_smile:

Note: You can also download the video from that link and play it ‘looping’ (only because if you play the video in the web browser, it won;t loop).


I think this is kinda close.

I used GSG Signal for the animations. If you don’t have it, animate the Angle of 'Lathe.1" from -360 to 360, and ‘Lathe.2’ is animated from 360 to 0. Might be another way to do this with a circle sweep over a spline with a formula effector.



Not exactly there, but I hope it helps get you rolling.


Just having a play.


A different approach:

A circle in a Lathe object, with scaling enabled. Animated to rotate; change the lathe subdivision to either match the number of frames or not, in order to keep the wireframe apparently static, or to have it rotate slowly as in your example.


Here’s the circle/sweep/mospline/formula version I referred to. Much closer.