How needs more time?


Hey guys I am willing to move the dateline up one week.
Reply here if you need this extra time.



Thank you very much for the heads up… I really hoped I could make the animation by now, but was still busy making my graduation film.

I’d love to take the “one week extra”, though I’m not entirely sure on what kind of quality I’ll get to make it, since I still have some work to do on my film. But if I only find a few hours I’ll try to make at least a nice animation if I don’t get to make the full nice fancy film… And if I miss that deadline, too; I’ll probably still make something later and post it just ‘for the lolz’. :slight_smile:


It’s the same here, work have been crazy, so i didn’t have time to work on this one, but if we get it extended a week, I’ll try to put some more love into it.


I will be posting my shot tomorrow, but I could definitly use some more time to render a higher quality version !