How much will Silo 2 be?


Has Nevercenter announced a price for Silo v2? The website says buy 1.4 now and get 2 free and SAVE money. Makes me think v2 is more expensive.

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Might be, but it could also be that you will not have to buy the upgrade later as most will. Everyone who bought silo since July 1st will get the upgrade free everyone who bought beforewill have to pay for an upgrade.


True, didn’t see it that way. That would be nice. I think the price is just so affordable and the app is such a pleasure to use that I will be first in line to buy it.

I understand that if someone bought v1, they get all the v1 updates free… is that true? If so, then buying v2 would give me all the v2 updates for free and that’s :eek:!!

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Yes I belive that is true. So far all the v1 updates have been free and often.


I considered that possibility. But then I did math.

If a person buys Silo now and gets a free upgrade, and Silo’s price does NOT change, buying later without the free upgrade would cost exactly the same amount – $109. Spending the same money is not the same as saving money.

To spend more than $109 later, if Silo continues to cost $109, you’d have to force users to buy old versions in order to make Silo 2 function.

I think it’s a safe bet that’s not going to happen, so we have to assume that Silo 2 will indeed cost more after it’s release than it does now.

On top of this, I’m going to guess that no one will tell us the new price until it’s too late to purchase at the current one. That’s just speculation on my part, though.


I just want to know how much the upgrade will be for those of us who have version 1.4.


Well if you have to pay for the upgrade it is going to be less than you paid for 1.4, I think that is all we know at the minute.


I must admit for a program that is due out in less than four months, pricing has been pretty hush hush. I love Silo and want to add it to my pipeline… but sometimes the lack of info is a little scary. Hopefully some news will pop up soon. Because if it will indeed by more expensive, I’ll buy 1.4 now :slight_smile:

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It has been said on the Silo forums that there will be a “modest” increase in the price of the v2.0 release.

Even if it was goung to be the same price, what is the point of waiting? Just buy 1.4 now anyway as you will get an upgrade to v2 for feck all and you can use Silo now :slight_smile:


I am betting it will be in the $150 mark… They have to be careful even though ti is a great product much of the success is due to pricing. I would pay more, but many would not. :shrug:


To be honest it’s one of the main reasons I swithced. I was faced with upgrading my Cinema 4D to R9 (for it’s better polytools) for $300 + module upgrades and when I saw Silo for $100, I knew this was it. And then after trying it, I really loved how fast I could model.

With that said, I think $150 is still a good price but over $200 will get them in trouble. And one word of advice to the developers, “do not drift from the essence of Silo”. Do not start adding particles, renderer, etc. because this will ultimately raise the price even higher, and will just make Silo blend in with the rest of them. Keep Silo simple, improve what you have, add just what will enhance the modeling process, etc :slight_smile: Especially with a small team, just dividing your attention to other aspects of 3D creation will cause major drawbacks to the modeling aspect IMHO. Modeling and texturing should be Silo’s concerns with modeling taking priority.

My 2 cents…


My guess is $40 for existing users. I think the price is going to be $129 when 2.0 comes out.


I think it will be $30 for existing users that purchase silo 1-2 months before the sale
$60 for existing users and $120 regular price.


Hopefully some official info will come out soon.

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For me its not so much ‘how much will it be’ more when will it materialise,Silo 1.42 is still at beta 6 no sign of the final.


Did you experience any bugs? It’s beta because they call it beta. Use the lastest 1.42 release, it never crashed on me and works like a charm.


Hi Thomas
Could you please point me in the direction of the lastest 1.42 release as I can only find the beta.


Yeah, this latest beta is actually more stable for me than the prior release build. I’m happy!


its free for existing users who purchased after july 1st.