How much of 2D skills should I know/have if 3D is my goal?



I’ve been thinking of pursuing a career as a 3D modeler/texture artist but, my skills in the fundamentals are still weak and I am still learning how to draw and paint. I have heard that learning the fundamentals in 2D first would help greatly when I transition into doing 3D but, how much of 2D do I need to know/ have before jumping into 3D?

Would knowing constructive drawing, anatomy, perspective, composition and sketching in 2D and learning color theory/lighting in 3D be suffice or Do I need to be really skilled at drawing/painting and being able to paint from my imagination before jumping into 3D?

Thank you


There are a ton of fantastic modelers who cannot draw to save their life :wink:

The real trick is to find what you really love to do, because if you love pouring hours into it, you will get great at it. If you don’t enjoy drawing, you’re never going to get great at it, not saying you shouldn’t try or practice, but if you love 3d modeling, then go master 3d modeling.

Also, a lot of the time, when you master a tool and feel like you’ve plateaued in an area, going back to those fundamentals can help push you over to the next level, and you’ll most likely find new joy in fundamentals because you’ll have the context and awareness of how you can apply those to your primary skill.

Hope that helps!