How much is pay in VFX? and more questions for VFX


How much salary can Character Modeler/Artist expect? How much studios offer to potential candidates?
Does studios sometimes doesn’t pay wages to people? have you ever faced, a unpaid month where you work? How did you deal with it? And how should someone do, when this happens?


You can google that for some idea. It depends on your experience.

If you don’t get paid? It helps a lot if where you work isn’t the only studio around
(so you are so desperate for ‘anything’). But normally; No pay=leave.
Once a studio stumbles like this sooner or later they are history (bankrupt).

Studios that rip people off get a bad rap pretty fast. If your town is full of studios and you -the artist- have a good rep it is pretty easy to find more work.


Glassdoor has plenty of information on salaries. You can browser per company, countries, roles.


My name is Sarah Smith and it depends on your working experience also.

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