how much is low poly??


mi question is: how many polygons does a low-poly model have? i mean, how do i know how many polygons can i have in a low-poly model for real time model?
And this polys, are they tris or cuads?

Thx guys and girls :slight_smile:


I am not a pro but I’ve asked something like this before and they said that it depends on the game engine, e.g. Unreal Engine 2.5K-3K.


ohhh, couldnt find it with the search engine :blush:
Thanks for answering :slight_smile:


You can see the game engine (console) details for this… :slight_smile:
Just try to search in google…


And tris it should be. Otherwise you’re in for a nasty shocker…


Thx for the answers guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:


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