How Much Has C4D Cost You Since R12 ?


And do you think it’s been worth it ? And when you compare it to other 3D app developments ( that is if you’re familiar with competing apps).


Nothing… I earn money with c4d. Yes it’s been worth it, and it’s cheaper to maintain than Autodesk software (north of $1,000 to maintain subscription). Modo is technically cheaper to maintain a current license ($495 I believe), but as a percentage of retail cost it’s much higher than c4d.



Less than when I used Maya.


A LOT less than my maya and max yearly payments to autodesk (maya i quit actually)


Very little. Only own Prime version, MSA price is 160€ so I can cover the costs in a day of work or less. From R12 to 16 it costed me 160x5=800€ if I remember correctly. I even totally skipped R13 even though I’ve payed my MSA for that release too(there wasn’t any interesting new tool for me), but is was so cheap that I do not regret wasting a few bucks. To complement missing features I prefer to use external software or plugins, mostly Vray, FormZ, SurfaceSpread, Marvelous Designer, all the above provides me better tools for my needs without spending for a pricier Studio version MSA.


Not to mention the Vray Licences I would have to pay for each single Vray for Maya Rendernode ;-).
I think the best feature of VrayforC4D is its free Rendernodes licences.


Maybe, you should also ask: How much did you earn with C4D since R12?
The ratio is the essential number.




40-100 times or more than what I have paid for C4D for at least a decade

I have a pro landscaper friend who needs to buy dumptrucks and bobcats to do his work and he is jealous of how GFX guys have to pay so little to earn money


Same here, hasn’t cost me anything - its certainly paid for itself a few times over. For my studio its overhead. Since r12 its cost much less than my hardware for sure. My financial adviser has (mandatory) annual renewals for all her software. Software that manages funds etc. So no matter what profession you are in - your going to need to fork over some money. Software and hardware are always going to be part of the overhead - like taxes. Since my work is based in both 3d and 2d I don’t need to worry so much about any specific features coming out - so I am lucky in that regard. At the same time I am also confident that the guy/girl ‘over the fence’ using MAX (for instance) has also been able to turn there skill (I mean software) into a positive income as well…


my cost/gain ratio is millions to one. You can come here with any number of “FU Maxon” or “beh c4d” arguments, where I will gladly get my pitch fork out and ruffle with the natives, but price is not one of them. C4D is like a frickin golden egg laying machine, its worth every cent, and then some.



hehe yes thanks,this was also very hard to get:)


uh, yeah but some guy using a warez copy of bobcat can’t undercut him among the many other things in that generality

at one point not far from here we had a high profile GFX school offering businesses (and they were very well connected) to do their video projects, 3d, advertising etc all for free you know to give “real world” experience for the students.

oh, and conveniently using the millions of dollars in FREE education tools “donated” to them like top name 3d software and maxed out PC’s (as those vendors were also desperate for these big spending students to want to buy/use their brands after they “graduate”

so, not only were the students paying their very expensive tuition, they were killing literally the entire job market for when they graduate (but they can’t see that far past their nose)

no idea if they are still doing “business” this way, but it literally killed the market in a large area for quite a while (i no longer frequent in many of those social areas)


I has saved me a lot of medical bills in headaches I was having because of maya


The interesting thing about that scenario, Dann is that these kids were likely using Student licenses to produce commercial works… That’s some sticky legal territory there…

I wonder - was the school in question named with a nautical theme?

As for the topic - count me in with the majority… I make my living in large part with Cinema 4D, and at $695 a year to stay on top of it, I’m looking at a monthly overhead of just under $60. Combine that with the $50 monthly stipend to Adobe, and I’m looking at a mere $110/month… I pay more for my cable than that…

So, if you mean ‘cost’ as a function of unrecoverable expense, then it hasn’t cost me a thin cent.

Finally - to address your question about competing apps… I think that is a value loss proposition for me personally, owing largely to the often steep learning curves associated with them. 13 years ago, when I started out on this journey, I auditioned Maya, Lightwave, and C4D (the 'Big 3 at the time) - I was on a Mac so Max was out of the question, and much like the fable of the 3 bears, I found that C4D was ‘just right’. The way it functioned was as intuitive as something of this scope can be, and I went from complete novice to my first paying gig in less than 4 months.


Sounds like we’re due some price cuts at some point over at CinemaPlugins then; seeing as that golden goose just keeps on laying… :slight_smile:


bare in mind that as a legitimate plugin developer, trading in the EU, from Germany, way over half of every penny I take , goes to the tax man. Maxon will also be paying a gigantic/shocking amount of tax. If you want to know why things are expensive, try starting at tax, and all the other expenses of selling/delivering and supporting software to you, legally, from Germany.



Sounds like you guys are talking about my alma mater :wink: I can tell you from my experience, we never did any free work for outside companies under the guise of coursework, though some of us managed to land paid freelance work from time to time. Not sure how they managed it, the accelerated nature of the program left little time for sleep, let alone freelance. Either it’s a practice they’ve long since abandoned, newly adopted; or maybe my classmates and I lacked either sufficient talent or gullibility to be offered such “real world” experience :scream:



it was quite a few years ago, maybe whatever it was did not last long… or maybe it was not “sanctioned” but i knew some who showed me what was produced and told how it was done - i certainly know a lot of businesses that are not here anymore from that time period.

but the point was not about them per say, it was more that there are many who practice unfair business practices, often through various means, that leave others who have to play by the rules often at a servere disadvantage to those who don’t - C4D has not really been a bad investment at all, i don’t really understand the point of topic of this thread really.

though i also don’t fully understand those who spend $4000 on Studio as a hobby just to kinda poke around, but then maybe i just don’t have that much disposable income to understand. :sad:

the price of C4D though honesty has always been a good value to me, yes the Studio package maybe at times seemed a bit high at points the past few years with the features added, and compared to the others guys in some places, and now we see how the low prices offered by the big guys can shake out the industry leaving less competition and options for when those eventual price increases happen - i personally don’t like the leasing software thing. i kind expect that from adobe at some point too, think about all the innovation and choice there used to be in graphics packages - now it’s really kinda only a couple choices out there so when they decide to raise their prices what will be the options left.

but the C4D MSA is honestly a relatively good value - in fact i just renewed mine today, trying to take rick’s sage advice and not wait until the last minute when they will be slammed with processing orders, as well as siggraph stuff - the Takes feature for me is a good value this upgrade, will save far more in time then the MSA cost - can’t wait to start using it :thumbsup:



Always fun for me to hear comments on software costs these days … in the early 90’s I was paying 25 to 30k per seat and I had 6 50k SGI workstations in my studio … updates were 5k per seat per year and I used to sell my plugins for 5k (8500 in todays dollars).

Not saying that you can’t ask for different/more/new features for your support dollars … and you can always vote with your wallet … if I were still doing feature work I’d probably lobby for better character animation toolsets in C4D and Maya spending support dollars to develop text tools would tick me off :slight_smile:

In my viewpoint is C4D is a solid, flexible generalist package and Takes this year does sound like a great, professional addition … but the bigger picture is ROI has never been better and today’s software costs are now minor for the professional compared to manhour costs which is as it should be.


Does C4D pay the bills ? Sure it does. 10 times over.

Could it be even better value ? Sure it could too.

Is Studio version competitively priced versus Max, Maya, Modo, Houdini, Lightwave… That’s to be discussed…

Is it losing ground ? After playing catch up for years, it certainly slowed down when the competition actually woke up. So yes at the moment, but it all works in cycles for everyone.