how much c4d user approx.?


hi all does somebody know how much c4d users are out there approx.?

just a rough number. 1000, 10000, 100000 etc i know ther eare about almost 50% macusers. but how much overall.

does someone know, is this a secret?
havent found anything about this.



I remember I’ve read some article said the number of C4D user is about 60,000 in 2002.


ok thanks, so i guess the number must even have grown quite much since then.

srek,are there some public numbers?



I would imagine the number is commercially sensitive. My guess would be that the percentage of mac users is about 10-15%, certainly not 50%.



from my experience as a plugin developer, i can tell you that it’s around 50% mac users who purchase plugins. i’m also pretty sure that overall the userbase is made of whilst maybe not 50% mac users, considerably more than 10 or 15%.


If I remember correctly Maxon often states it is close to 50%… it’s certainly higher than 10-15


Sorry, not that i know of.
I can confirm the roughly 50% OS X / Windows split though



thanks srek!

is a rough estimate of 100000 users correct ot to high?
or is it top secret?( i mean paying, official users.)


Even if i knew i weren’t allowed to tell :wink:



ok, ok i stop:-)

thanks anyway.


hehe, well let’s just assume we have 100,000 users and throw a lil party :slight_smile:


well i have absolute NO idea if they are 5000 or 100000, but it seem to be secret.

maybe someones knows how much 3dmax user are out there(registered i mean)?

ot to say it different, how much plugins are sold in average of a “well going” plugin?
50, 100, 200, 300? more?



well maybe someone can remind cebas of that tidbit of data…

hint, hint… osx should not be an afterthought to the windows version of anything it is a shame they did not start to even work on the osx networking until after the windows version shipped.

basically i’m anxious for my mac version of FR2 to ship - as i’m sure 50% of the c4d users are.



Free JENNA users runs about 1500 I believe. In my experience with this app I would guess less than 20,000 active users worldwide and that is on the fat side ( speculation endorsed by my interaction with users and plugin sales ).



Have to correct your numbers Darf…it’s over 3500 registered JENNA users :wink:



If its any indication, We’ve had just under 6000 downloads of the free tutorial we put up.


That’s no indication–I’ve downloaded it 4724 times myself. Short term memory problems. :slight_smile:


Well I could say that people downloaded around 35.000 copies of our magazine monthly when it was free back in time but that number dosn’t say much about how many registered C4D users are out there.



you are too funny.



Wow, so you owe me like $120,000? :argh: