How Many Of These Can C4D Do (With Plugins Of Course)?


This is a thread in GD about the Top 10 VFX plugins for Max:

A lot of this stuff either exists for C4D (e.g. Vray), or can be done in different ways in C4D.

What is interesting is that the Number 1 plugin on this list appears to be a super-powerful version of ThinkingParticles.

The person who did the video even claims that TP in Max “can do most of the FX you can do in Houdini”.

How up to date is C4D’s ThinkingParticles in comparison?


Most C4D users are using Xparticles.
I hear they are quite powerful.
I personally use realflow and bring in the sims
via the bridge plugin for C4D

As for the claim about Max being able compete with Houdini’s
VFX ,I would not know as I have not used either program

I would still assert that C4D mograph has no direct equal in the industry.
Particularly in how fast set up is accomplished
and how easliy automated motion is created without keys or scripting.


Thinking particles in Cinema4D is completely outdated IMHO but it’s still great integrated solution for anyone who can’t afford XP.


There is no comparison. The plugin for Max has much more capabilities.

Btw what is the story of Cebas not working anymore with Maxon?


Cebas has never really worked with Maxon as such, Maxon simply purchased code from them as a one-off.

The version of TP in C4D is pretty ancient by this point. It still works but you’re looking at a feature that hasn’t been touched in some 16+ years.


Houdini is not about FX alone. Is about the workflow. Almost all softwares can do FX via plugins or natively, but no other software has the flexibility Houdini has.


That is a common conundrum that arises
when you ad to your main programs features list by licensing third party Technology.

Not asserting this is the case with Maxon/Cebas,
However I know of cases are where the third party
agreement specifically prohibits core rewrites etc
of their software often resulting in Modern day
versions of the Main Program still running legacy
single threaded features.

In the case of the Daz inc. they are prohibited
from creating a 64 bit version of the Bryce Program
they bought in a fire sale many years ago
(not that anyone cares frankly… but still):wise:

They also Still release 32 bit versions of DAZ studio
because of the included mimic lipsync plugin has similar restrictions and does not exist in the 64 bit version.

Still IMHO, thinking particles still has some useful bits on offer, even in its dotage ,
and probably suffered from lack of training material as well as age.

I recently watched an excellent video on integrating TP with Mograph by "Noseman"that has got me interested in having another go at TP.


I’m not aware of any agreements preventing maxon from working on TP, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. One insight I will give, Maxon doesn’t generally buy in external code anymore; the reality is that once you get your hands on it, it is often not written to the same style, spec or quality as your own native code, so it often requires rewriting to some degree, and even that can be an impossible task trying to decipher what the original programmer had in mind.

The only external things Maxon have used in recent years are closed libraries like fbx where it doesn’t matter, or open source projects where you can see what you’re getting into beforehand like bullet.

TP is still decently capable and powerful, its just the UI that tends to prove too much of a hurdle for many people.