How Many French are they ?



So if you are French just create a thread and tell me if you work in France.


I’m French, and I work in france :slight_smile:


I’m not french, I 'don’t work in france. But I’m in france…


I’m French-Canadian.

I don’t work in France although that would be ‘Nice’…


I’m french too, living in France, country I would leave for studies.


I’m Belgian and Working in France,
(but I do know a lot of French people working in France)



uhh my last nane is french, but i’m not, and no i don’t work in france :smiley:


I made out with a French chick once, and like Sweet Dominique who is French/Canadian.
Does this count?:shrug:


I liked Mr. French from the “Family Affair” TV show.


(doing this to get it out of the way)

I like french kisses, french fries, and french’s mustard. :thumbsup:


Well dudes, it’s enough good… :wink:


Never heard of 'em. I do really love them Freedom Fries though. :buttrock:


What"s French fries?

I only know about poutine. :wink:


my parents are half french… my last name is french… but i live in australia (Long way from France!)


French canadian here.

WTH are Freedom Fries ?


I’m french, from Québec, I plan on going in France someday. I hang out with people from France though, some count me in :wink:

Edit: Freedom fries are the name of french fries in the USA. In some places, after France decided not go with the USA in Irak, they changed the french fries name to freedom fries. I think it started in the Pentagon.


how pathetic…


from Lance Armstrong

I’m not French but I sure enjoy kicking your…er…winning your Tour de France! Maybe it should be renamed to [color=red]To[/color]ur de [color=red]Lan[/color]ce!:stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not French either, although I was born and raised in Quebec. I’m just witty. :wink:


Well thanks dude! Remind me to say something about Rome. (or is it only OK to take pot shots at my country?)


Sorry but that truly is pathetic.