How make aVideoTutorial?


Hello boy!!!

My question is easy. How can capture my screen for make a videotutorial in max? I use camtasia 2.0, but if set my region of the screen up to 320x240 my computer (AMD 3200 with 1 gb ram and Geforce quadro 4 780) is very slow (about 10 fps) and i can’t pan my 3ds viewport!!! And for reduce the dimension file you usea 256 color. How I can make it? In post-production with, for example, After effects?

Thanks for any answer!!!


Have you tried SnagIt yet? Also a screen capture program. Or using a Camcorder?



no, i using Camtasia. Now i try your program. thanks!

nobody has other solutions?


I get extreme slowdowns with my old P3 when capturing a video while modeling.

I got around this in my first modeling video with a very painful but working poorman’s solution.

-I used Snagit to capture Images in bmp,the size was the one of a viewport in fullscreen(around 700pix),the assigned hotkey ctr-shift P(that work in background) and incremental save made it a bit easier

-After capturing around 500 frames(the totality),I used Irfanview’s Batch rename/resize and set it to Half-Size

-I opened them in Paintshop’s animation shop,saved an avi around 70 megs with cinepak and then recompressed it with virtualdub to a 1.5megs Divx

I posted it on the wings3D forums but I don’t have it anymore in case you wanted to see it(maybe someone still has it but it’s a long shot).


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