How long to learn nukex reasonably well?



I wondered if any pros on here could give me a few pointer when starting Nukex and how long things will take to learn considering my current background. I’m trying to plan out things atm.

I recently finished my post graduate in architecture (5year course) and was always absolutely obsessed with the visual side of things so I’m well versed in tons of software like 3ds, Photoshop, after effects etc. Naturally, I am now looking to go into visualisation as a job and targeting companies which not only focus in architectural viz but general media like tv etc.

Ever since finishing uni I’ve just been honing my 3ds+vray skills to begin with, trying to get my stuff to professional level. But some of the big companies use nuke for animation compositing and I plan to learn this.

I know animation fairly well in max, like rigging etc, most stuff I can figure out. but I now plan to take it all into nuke.

In a nutshell, I have all the free time in the world right now and I want to hammer nukex for month solid learning it and making a very short (30 second to 1 min) but nicely polished video using real footage and 3d stuff of course.

I usually get obsessed with what ever I’m learning and I’ll sit there all day if I have to watching tutorials etc. Any fundamental ‘must’ tutorials you would suggest so I don’t miss out on important stuff?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Digital Tutors has lots of tutorials, from basic to advanced. you seem generally experienced already, so learning nuke shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. just time doing it.


Cool, thank you!