How long have you been trying to get in?


I recently graduated with a degree in Digital Animation. Its only been 3-4 months since I’ve started to look for a job in the 3d industry, and Im disappointed that I havent even one interview.
Over 30 demo reels…

How long has anyone else been trying to get in?

Any professionals out there want to critique my website? Tell me if Im just not skilled enough yet? Where to practice?



Hmmm…I can’t fault your site. Perhaps a few animations?

My best recommendation is to buy “Computer Arts special - Digital Portfolio”. It was released today at newsagents.

Are you Freelancing? :hmm:


hey man, Im no pro, but I can give you a little feeback after viewing yoru site.

First off your 2d work is really strong, some sketches you did (the skeleton bird guy is sweet) are really well done.

I would work on texturing, Your going for low poly, and textures make or break low poly. Right now, they are pretty weak. And on such low poly work, it doesnt let your work shine.

Next off is content, I see you have a zelda n64 look to your stuff, but employers probably wnat more of a range. I dont see any humans in your portfolio for 3d…which is ok, (the dwarf is tyhe best in your 3d area, but once again, the texture hurts it)

I would work on some higher poly stuff to, games are moving ahead and right now you have some very low poly stuff, which is fine and good, but you should show range.

In closing heres whats probably getting you less postive response

  1. Texturing
  2. Lighting, this can really sell your work.
  3. Modeling (show a broader range of stuff)

Also I would be more selective of what you show, the dragon is very nice, as is the dwarf, but the rat/tank thing is pretty sloppy looking. And the fairy girl needs something else to it.

I would really get back to square 1 on whats on your reel before applying anywhere else.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but sugar coating won’t help you out.


Re: KingMob.

Good points. Shame, as he has a lot of talent.


Thanks for the critiques. Doesnt seem harsh at all King. The 3d stuff is over 3-4 months old, havent been motivated to model lately, just paint.

HAHA… funny that you say the textures suck, cause that’s what i really enjoy doing…but I also look back and think the textures kinda suck… too much black… and Ive really improved on the painting so…

Need to ge a wacom though. limited freedom with the mouse…

Boone: I do freelance, but Im not finding anything as of lately… I have some in the works, which I hope I get…

HEY mORE CritiQUES. Its been quite helpful and enlightening!


Ok here is one critique.

Change the opening of the Web site.
If a person has to figure out how to access your site, they will go somewhere else. Remember the KIS principle. Make the site show up after you click the TV set. Better yet, eliminate the splash page.

Having said that, I have to say that I like your site.
I agree with the comments that you need variety in your models.
Make more real life objects, so you can apply for positions in visualization or accident reconstruction companies.
Those jobs are not glamorous but they will keep you in 3d.



I would agree 100% with King_Mob. Your judged by your worst piece, so i would agree with getting rid of rat/tank.

Just a few things… acorn boy is cool concept and character, at the moment the presentation is letting it down a little, particularly the choice of colours (bit too rainbowish, in the background, colours oversaturated and bright) and the texturing (which comes across as blurry and undefined).

Find a few artists you like at or something… and study how they use color and texture.


i also keep getting a:

To display language characters correctly you need to install the following language pack:


you might want to fix that unless there’s a reason for needing the characters, which i didn’t see.



I will get rid of the splah page… if you are a gamer though you defintely gotta appreciate the c64 throwback of impossible mission right? :wink:

whhaaa? install japanese characters? Is everyone else getting that? thats whack??? LET ME KNOW if any of you is getting that…

ratboy sucks… haha, damn. i though he was a cute idea. hes modluar. maybe i just need to develop it more. seen the new ratboy picture? mech ratboy?

i really need to spruce up the webpage… im just really hate web layout stuff… very tedious. especially when i have so many pictures.


Well, keep going mate. With your talent, you’ll get there…


Say, where are U located? Just curious because I’m planning on going in 3D field and jobs are already tight where I’m at as well.



well. my location totally sucks, but im applying to places to which i will have to relocate… im in Alabama. yeah. nothing here but fire ants.

most of the industry seems to be in

California, Texas, Washington State, Florida and then there are some scattered studios/game devs that are around up North towards New York as well… Most are in the first three… Its almost necessary to relocate.


Originally posted by jimiyo

well. my location totally sucks, but im applying to places to which i will have to relocate… im in Alabama. yeah. nothing here but fire ants.


I feel U. I’m from Greenville, MS and, I swear, it seems that every time I watch the news all I hear is this plant close, that one’s gone out of business, leaving hundreds more without jobs.:annoyed:


hey man, your 2d is awesome!!! Please dont discount the notion of working in the art dept!!! everyone wants to work with geometry for some reason! Concepts and Storyboards are the backbone of a CG production!!! Remember a traditional background will give you more of an edge!

have you been applying for art dept jobs at all??? or just modelling?

there is nothing at all wrong with art dept…let me repeat it one more time…there is NOTHING wrong with art dept!!!


well ive been applying for game industry jobs, so to be hr job name specific…

2d/3d artist…
environmental artist… sometimes character modeler, not many of those…

its rare i see much of concept artist openings, and besides i think those are taken by SUPER artist, which I might reach that calibur in about 7 years…

outside of game industry, i havent been looking around… im starting to think CG Talk is rooted more for video/movies and things of the like… true?

how is the video industry for CG, or any suggestions of what type of position to look for? where? i usually search gamasutra… but thats game industry…

what are some video industry job names? like in the game there ‘texture artist’, ‘character modeler’…

thanks for all the input to all ye benevolent folk.


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