How long before validation?


Hi, I’m relatively new to CGTalk (I joined years ago, but never posted), I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, if not I apologize.
About a week ago, I’ve submitted two images for the 3D Gallery, and in my portfolio they appear as “Awaiting validation to CGTalk Gallery”. The board info says it takes 24 hours for an image to be validated, but after 6 days nothing happens.
At first I thought the mods were on holidays, but I keep seeing new images showing up in the gallery, so obviously someone is validating them.
Do I just have to wait, or did I miss to do something in my portfolio?
Thank you!


Images used to take 24 hours (usually less) when I did all the validation myself, but a while back we changed to a panel vote system. This means that the entire process is longer, since images require a few votes in either direction to be either accepted or declined. Some images can take quite a while, especially over holidays and weekends, if there are different opinions about it, since the voting ends up in a kind of tug of war.

By the way, please don’t submit more than one image to the gallery forum at a time, and please also don’t submit more than one render of the same subject.


Ok, thank you for the reply, I removed one from the portfolio.
I have more images that show the breakdown, but I guess I just have to put them in my portfolio, without the request to be shown the gallery, is that correct?


Yup! What you can do is then use IMG tags to actually place them into the text of the main image’s description, so they’ll appear in the thread if the image is approved.


Thank you very much, finger crossed then, I hope my image will be approved, I guess I have to be more patient, thank you again leigh and happy holidays!


Hi again, in the end the image was refused, and for me it was a bit of a shock, because I did put a lot of effort into it.
I’m trying again, same subject but this time I made something a little more personal, I hope you will consider to accept it as you accepted other realistic portraits on this website.
The image has been published around other CG board, so I’m hoping to make an appearance here as well.
Thank you.


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