How is Motion capture and performance capture changing the animation world?


Hi guys!

I was wondering how motion capture is changing the way animated films are being made.
How much performance capture is used versus standard animation.

What are your thoughts?


Well, mocap and keyframed animation can’t exclude each other, even in films. Thats what I can say for certain.

Don’t even know what else to say about this question, it seems obvious to me. Mocap and perfomrance capture are great and handy tools, you can even do a pretty good mocap at home now, for cheap, with 2 kinects rig and an ipisoft’s software. While it does not give you the final production quality for films or animation (but you can use it in games, for example, if you dont need a perfect animation), it can be a really handy 3d reference for you to work with.


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I so the Hobbit yesterday. Its a very impresive work! I so with the 3d glasses. Most of it for what I’ve read or seen seems to be done with performance capture.

I guess there is a lot of post animation tweeking to be done after the capture and that is how it compliments.

What it seems is that we are getting closer to doing more impressive stuff in less time.

Plus I was reading an article here of how muscle rigging helped them achieve such realism in that movie, and I can say its a lot more impresive then any of the lord of the rings movies. (Which I didn’t like by the way. Tooooo Boring! :curious: )

I think we are almost getting at the level were we will son be seing that king of quality monsters and effects being done on lower budget movies.


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