How fast is your computer with Maya 7.0 & MentalRay ???


Hello everybody,

 This thread is about testing the speed of our computers with a simple Mental Ray scene with hight level antialiasing and FG.

This could help people to buy the best machine… For Maya 7.0 of course…

It’s very important to test the render only with Maya 7.0 (rendertime will be different with others versions on the same machine).

You can find all the result at this address :

You can download the Maya 7.0 file here :


To be valid, results must be post with the codename of the processor, the name, is the HyperThreading on or off and the working frequency, like this : Prestonia Xeon HT @3066 or SmithField PentiumD@3108

To find those informations, if you are using Microsoft Windows, you should use CPU-Z :

 Test protocol (very simple):

[i][b] 1) Restart your machine

      2) Launch Maya 7.0

      3) Load

      4) Open Render View

      5) Render (and wait...)[/b][/i]            
 /!\ Don't change anything to Render Settings... /!\
 Here are my results:
 Prestonia Xeon @3312 : wallclock  0:08:20.16 for rendering
  Prestonia Xeon @3066 : wallclock  0:09:05.79 for rendering

  SmithField PentiumD @3108 : wallclock  0:10:01.01 for rendering
  SmithField PentiumD @2800 : wallclock  0:11:11.50 for rendering

  Prestonia Xeon HT @3312 : wallclock  0:09:27.43 for rendering
  Prestonia Xeon HT @3066 : wallclock  0:10:28.75 for rendering

  Prescott Pentium4 HT @3400 : wallclock  0:13:52.60 for rendering
  Prescott Pentium4 @3400 : wallclock  0:18:36.26 for rendering      
 As you see maya doesn't like HyperThreading with SMP... but a lot with mono processor...

I’m very exity to see results on Nocona Xeon, Irwindale Xeon, Opteron, Athlon XP, Athlon 64, Athlon X2, Dothan, Turion etc…

 This test is very inspired by [](
 Sorry for my english :)

I change the link to the MR hall of fame…


You need to include a camera in there and tell everyone to render using “camera1” for example.

I would be very interested to see how the x2 chip performs compared to some of the xeons :slight_smile:


No need to have acamera because you have only to use the Persp view…

The persp wiev is a camera and have a bookmark in case…


AMD Athlon™ 64 FX-55 Processor@2613.0MHz [color=Yellow]10:18.??



Link to MB is broken.


AMD Athlon 64 3500+ @ 2365MHZ 1 Gbyte 333 DDR Ram — 14.30 min

I think Ram and FSB speed are also important in any comparison between render times. Pure processor power isn’t everything.


Link works again…

Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (~2210 MHz) - 7:59


AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ @ 2009.2 MHz : wallclock 0:08:17.84 for rendering


athlon xp2400(2ghz), 1gb ddr 2100, win xp pro : 20:34 :blush:


Is it a Barton or not (512Ko L2 ?)



nay, it’s a thoroughbred core


…and I’m still in the lead! :smiley:


Can someone repost the test file


there you go…


NorthWood Pentium 4 @2800MHz, 2GB DDR 400 - 0:15:12.50


Ohh the shame:

Palomino AMD Athlon XP 1800+ @1544mhz 25:52 minutes.

On the plus side it likes horse-riding and people with a good sense of humour!


Nocona Xeon @3400 : wallclock 0:09:15.62 for rendering

Nocona Xeon HT @3200 : wallclock 0:11:27.15 for rendering
Nocona Xeon @3200 : wallclock 0:09:47.90 for rendering
The last 2 tests were on the same machine, first time with HT enabled, 2nd with it disabled.
(I think I’ll leave it disabled…)


RC 0.2 info : wallclock 0:14:27.23 for rendering


AMD Athlon X2 3800+ @2300MHz 2Gb OCZ Plat Rev. 2 @400Mhz. 07:35 wallclock


wallclock 0:07:25.96

[color=white]AMD X2 4800+ dual core [/color]
[color=white]2GB Ram [/color]
[color=white]ATI FireGL v3100 128MB [/color]
[color=white]ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Mother Board[/color]
300GB HD