How exact do certain measurements need to be for modeling?


For starters this is what I mean. When I model something (specifically furniture, or polygonal objects), I think I like seeing perfect values way too much. Such as instead of seeing a value of 25.567, or even 25.56, I prefer to see 25.5 and for all numbers behind it to be zero’s.
Now I do snap to the grid, and I have changed the units of measurement to centimeters. Does anybody just turn off everything behind the tenth value so they don’t have to see any other values, or do they just zero it out?
Do people think about this when they model or do they just model until they get it to an acceptable look? I’m curious because I’m wondering if I’m overthinking this.
(I am using Blender, but I think this question is general enough for other 3d users to have an answer or opinion about this).