How does Silo compare to Zbrush


I’m interested in buying a modeling application good for organic modeling of characters, I know what many say about Zbrush but how does Silo compare? I use Lightwave currently, but could really use a modeler that takes advantage of having illustration skills.
I’ve gone to the official Silo site and checked out the videos, I’d like know what some of the users feel.


Silo is an amazing tool, it just feels right, once you’re used to it modeling is very quick.

Silo 2 will come out soon (a month or two) and bring new tools like displacement painting (like Zbrush).

Try out the demo and do some tutorials, you’ll fall in love with it. :slight_smile:


silo is more like lw then zb. but you should download the trial of both and see for yourself.


Zbrush would not be such a bad stand alone modeler if it was easy to create edgeloops in it, which it’s not. I’ve got Silo 1.4 myself and I really dig it. If you used Maya a lot, moving to Silo is a breeze. They feel pretty similar. I love the fact that you can cut a face any way you like it and extrude that without any problems. It’s very flexible and has got superb “soft selection”. It’ll got a lot of bang for the buck at only $100. UV tools could be better(if any?), but you can get lots of free stand alone apps for that or even use Wings3d to unwrap.

Topology brush is pretty cool for rebuilding dense surfaces. It’s great for building low-res meshes from Zbrush hi-res models or even for reworking your surface without having to cut up your old model.
Personally, I feel like Silo’s one of those hidden treasures not many people talk about on these forums, but it’s a great app imo. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=the_podman] If you used Maya a lot, moving to Silo is a breeze.

i totally agree:thumbsup:


Hehe. I’m a part-time assistant Maya teacher over at one of the arts schools in my area. One day, I brought in Silo and the students were all like, “that’s cool, what’s that?”. Not only did a bunch of them model BETTER and faster in Silo once they tried it for the first time, but as soon as they found out the app was only $100 bucks, they all ran out and bought a copy! :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind that if you purchase 1.4 you’ll get a free upgrade once version 2 is released!! Woohoo! UV tools, displacement painting, and much more in version 2!

What’s cool about Silo is that it’s not trying to be an “all-in-one” app. It’s just trying to be the most kick-ass modeler.



heheheheh… -nevercenter ould sell silo on comments like that one, podman.



For polygonal organic modeling i would suggest you look at Hexagon. I believe it is suited for that purpose better than Silo, and is just as fast and comfortable. You can also create poly surfaces from wires on the fly.

However Hexagon is only that, for organic, it lacks many an option for precise modeling of tech thingies, so…Silo is more balanced overall.


i like silo more than hexagon…

-in the current version of hexagon you can not assign commands and tools to the mouse-in silo you can,…and in silo 2 you will have five buttom customization!..GREAT

-in the current version of hexagon you have to leave the tweak mode if you want to split more your mesh or make some changes-in silo you have everything in one mode, so you don`t have to change modes to do diferent things…

-the camera navagation on silo is better than in hexagon, in silo the camera center pivot point is where you have the selection.

-you don`t have split edges(quads) in hexagon…in silo of course yes…

-The hotkeys navigation in Silo is way better than in hexagon…in silo you can assign everything to keyboard…mouse…and keyboard-mouse combination!..and i say is better not only beacuse you have acces to mouse keys…but because this hotkeys can be access at any time in silo…in hexagon not all hotkeys can be access if you are in certain mode…

and regarding to the question of this thread…well in the upcoming version of silo you will be able to sculpt in a similar way like in zbrush, of course not with so many polygons…
The advantages to sculpt in silo over zbrush is that…

first: you will be sculpting in a REAL 3d enviroment with a PERPECTIVE camera…In ZBRUSH you can only sculpt with an ortographic camera…

Second: you can have many objects at the same time in your scene…in zbrush that`s not possible.

third: you will have all the fantastic polygon tools of silo at your disposal.

in the other hand, in zbrush you can sculpt high level of detail (because zbrush can handle millions of polygons) in zbrush you can paint your figures with many wonderful tools…

at the end i thing that both silo and zbrush are wonderful apps and complement well together…


“i like silo more than hexagon…”

Then you totally missed my point and the Hexagon selling features. You cant like Silo more than Hexagon, its apples and oranges.


SILO is much faster and is more suited for organic modeling than hexagon. The tools are much more fluid and efficient to work with, which Hexagon isn’t because it is TOO widget driven and limited in workflow customization.


Certainly not true. Maybe you didnt get into software deep enough.


Pretty interesting software, McKertis. I went on Hexagon’s website and was looking at some videos. I like the edge tools. Kinda reminds me of Modo, but at a much better pricetag.

Thanks for that.



Anyway, Silo 2 will kickass. And as i remember, Tony’s work on nevercenter’s website is really cool and i think and seriously. Silo is really good because you don’t have to setup every tool. All is working on the fly and it’s really fast.

By the way if some people worked with xsi Silo2 will get the same system of control of hotkey.


I must call you out on this, in that you are simply wrong. Some one can like silo more than hexagon, just like some one can like apples more than oranges. You also should not try to invalidate some ones preferance on modeling application, simply because you ordain your own specific purposes for a program.

As to the thread topic, I am not a fan of zbrush at all. I am deferantly looking forward to Silo 2, silo one has a good workflow, and im sure it will be even more so with the next version.


I’m currently using Silo to do base models to then take into ZBrush for detail. It’s a perfect combo. If you want to do detailed organic modeling in the 1+ million poly range and illustration ZBrush is what you want. ZBrush does amazing things and the next version will be a huge leap. Silo is without question the easiest to learn modeling app I’ve seen. You can pick up the basics in a weekend as opposed to months with other apps. For illustration the two together can’t be beat IMO. I’ve noticed that people with all the high dollar apps are turning to Silo for basic modeling. You should get the demo’s and try them both out. I should also mention that with ZBrush you can go directly into PhotoShop to work on textures which gives you the added advantage of using all the features of PS and the community is the most helpfull I’ve ever seen. Have a look at their forums. You can access through Pixologic.

Hexagon - Well, great intentions. Depends on whether the bugs get fixed. I can’t keep it stable long enough to form an opinion. It has great features though.


I’ve been trying out Silo for a few days now, and all I can say is wow. The workflow is so smooth, so simple its juts a treat to use. If you’ve every used Wings3D the transition can be made in 2 hours of modelling. I now model organics faster in Silo even after a few days than I have in 3 months using Wings. Its amazing.


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