How does one go about making non-planar tris?


Heh this isn’t a stupid question, somehow I managed to do it. I tripled a very complex object and ended up with non-planar polys. Can’t explain it. If I delete them, nothing appears to be missing, but it’s possible I just can’t find them.

Has anybody ever run across this? It’s not a life or death deal, just a point of curiosity.


theoretically impossible. One exception, if three points are perfectly aligned. They belong to an infinite number of plans… Not only one.


Brrrr, I talk like M. Spock :hmm:



That would explain why killing them didn’t seem to harm my model.


non-planar tris aren’t possible to my knowledge…


I really don’t know how planeity is calculated by LW but that can be a reason.


I have just checked with 3 aligned points… It is a tri and it is non-planar


telamon is right, if you have 3 points that make up a triangle and any 2 points have the same xyz coords, then LW will say it is nonplanar. Merge points, then delete any resulting 1 and 2 point polys or use stats to select only the nonplanars, delete them then merge points. I have run into this in the past too, a bit puzzling at first.

edit: looking at telamon’s image, it looks like you don’t even need 2 points to share the same location, they just need to be co-linear. I don’t know what the quickest way to clean those up would be. Subpatching it would help though, as it would make any holes very obvious.


Ah thanks dudes, that totally makes sense.



Heh, odd stuff :slight_smile:

Reminds me of 3 point quads…


i managed to get nonplanars with a mesh of only tris aswell. it happened after accidentally smothshifting some polys without pulling them out which gave me a ring of nonplanars, as i then trippled my model there were only tris in the info box but still a bunch of nonplanars. what i did was selecting them and deleting but then i had to press m for merging the separated pieces back together. it was weired thou.



Telamon is always right


no god please no… I am more often wrong… I am still a newbie… :wink:

The ones who are so often right are Splinegod, Kretin, Insider, FacialDeluxe, Kvaalen, LFGabel, Leigh, Proton, HowardM, MikeRB and sooooo many others :smiley:


Ya forgot me!


oups sorry :blush:

nanogator is also a king… in slider-based techniques :beer:


Doesn’t the flatness limit have something to do with what is considered planar and non planar? I believe it’s in the general options.


Originally posted by Qslugs
Doesn’t the flatness limit have something to do with what is considered planar and non planar? I believe it’s in the general options.

Kinda curious about this myself. I’d love to hear from anybody who has an interesting anecdote about playing with that feature of LW.


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