How does one gets their first job in a studio with a somewhat unrelated degree?



I’m currently working in an unrelated field and have been self learning 3d art on my own time. I’ve been wondering lately how does one break into an animation studio, game studio or vfx studio? Do you freelance for a while to gain experience or do you break in by interning?


Start networking with people that work in the studios. Be sure your portfolio is good enough and freelancing will be something you might find yourself doing all the time. I’ve been in this industry since 1992 and even when I’ve been full time employed as a digital artist, I always maintained a freelance revenue stream. Although, it scales back when my full time work is busy.


Your portfolio will be the breakthrough. Most freelance gigs will tend to and bread and butter stuff and really not sexy enough -because the budget wasn’t there- to be a great portfolio piece.

So really just a note for your CV.

So you best self direct your own projects to look like the stuff you want to work on the most if thats where you want to break in this industry. Who you know helps alot too-but you can’t fake the portfolio.
You have to be able to do the work required.


Not sure if it’s okay to ask here.
How is the best way to break into different production pipeline, what I mean is like if you have been working on animated tv series production your entire experience but you want to try other production like feature film (photoreal vfx kind of movies), or maybe game? Because sometimes the company want people who already have experience in it for few years (have experience in feature film, or have been delivered some AAA game title)


Basically the same way. You should devote personal time developing projects related to your goals in those other types of studios/pipelines.
-People need to see you are familiar -or are making yourself familiar - with those types of pipelines and not just try you out on a ‘hunch’.
Usually it comes down to your competition for that same job opening. If they already have the experience and the reel to prove it-than you lose (if you are not prepared accordingly).