How does CGI affect your life?


I’ve noticed over the holidays that I’ve been getting up every morning, making a cup of tea (with 8 sugars) then going straight to my computer and carrying on with my 3d projects.

I carry on working (and browsing CGTalk) till the early hours, fall asleep wondering why my surface normals aren’t pointing in the right direction then wake up and repeat.

This is starting to take its toll in various ways.

Sometimes I think I’m wasting my life pushing vertices around…but I can’t stop!

So I was wondering how does your passion for CG affect your life?


Get up early get a red bull and go on the train to london. Read my emails and lurk on cgtalk for a minute, then work for a while and get bored of 3ds max’s ui, snaz it up a bit. Then I go too lunch…then it gets all blurry and I find myself lying at home with crumbs and the slight smell alcohol on my face.:shrug:


It pays my bills :smiley:


Well off the top of my head, CG lets me work with images of beautiful women daily. I can’t complain. I could be sucking up wood dust doing my old work.

CG let’s me explore the beautiful things in the world around me and then I can do something practical with this wonderful data.


Leigh, where’s the love? Hehehe. You got that right.


So I was wondering how does your passion for CG affect your life?

it pays my bills and I enjoy what I do…cant ask for better than that :slight_smile:


Heh, oh yeah I forgot to add that I enjoy doing it :smiley: I am very thankful that I can say that I actually love what I do for a living. I know there aren’t a lot of people that can say that with conviction.


and a lot of them are into CG :wink:


I love working on my own CG projects but the paid animation work I’ve had so far has been very dull. And with uni work on top of that I sometimes wonder if I should be spending my one shot at life in front of a monitor :slight_smile:

Perhaps it will improve once I graduate.


Every time I come back from vacation I have a ton of the most boring images, walls, floors, rust, etc… I bought $1000.00 worth of camera equipment and I get happy when it’s overcast!

I find myself starring intently at peoples movements a lips when I get bored of what they are saying (really makes me look like I am paying attention, but in a weird way because there is no eye contact).

I will enjoy the worst movies, because they look neat. and then there is the lack of sleep and proper nutrition.

and I think I am happy…


Exactly. :thumbsup:


I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with an idea of how to fix my problem in an animation I’m working on. (or something along those lines) Knowing how to fix the problem isn’t enough though, I just HAVE to get up and try it. Can’t sleep…nooooo, I just gotta try it.



I sometimes forget to eat.


Without CG how could you end up working on ways to get realtime 3d artistic environments to respond to whatever electronic apparatus you hook into them? That’s one of my goals. Hehehe. Wth CG even my crazy ideas are useful. Hehehe.


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