How do you make a Transparency Mask in Maya?


Hello All!

I have a net texture where I would like to make partially transparent. The net of course being opaque, and the white (as seen in the attachment) transparent.

What shader/shader network do I need to establish to make this work?

Thank you all!


I figured out how to get what I was looking for. Instead of using a PSD, I switched to PNG and the transparency rendered just like I wanted.

Thank you!



    you can put a black/white map in the transparency map channel of the shader, where white is opaque and black will transparent.



Yes, black and white texture to put in the slot Additional Color
in mia material in Advanced tab.
In the texture should be included Alpha is Luminance in Color Balance tab.


If your using Mental Ray as your primary renderer, and using the Mia_X shader try mapping it to the ‘Cutout Opacity’

-Select your Mia_X shader.
-Scroll to the down to the ‘Advanced’ tab
-Create and drag a ‘luminance’ node into the ‘Cutout Opacity’
-Input your black and white texture into the luminance value check box.


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