How do you make a circular selection


Im using Photoshop 6.0 and whenever I try to view the help files by clicking help-contents, nothing happens. Can someone please either tell me how to get the help files to work, or tell me how to use the circular marquee tool to make a circular selection? Thank You.


Go to the ‘Elliptical’ marquee tool in your tools palette (command ‘M’)

Then centre cursor for selection, and drag outward while pressing down on ‘Shift’ and ‘Alt’ keys



Thanks, also what is the name of the help file in photoshop because I am trying to access it so I can find out more about the different tools?Thank you.


Use the “HELP” menu.


I know, what I mean is when i click on help then contents, nothing happens. I wanted to know the name of the help file so I could access it in my hardrive.


What about looking in the paper manual? Paper books seem more reliable than electronic files sometimes. :wink:


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