How do you group and move extruded faces along a curve and not get a double transform


Hi cgers
How do you group and move extruded faces along a curve and not get a double transform.
2019 version round the corner, same old maya. parametric failure.

please see

this should have gone in version 2009.

still any help appreciated.


it’s not a failure.

You can simply do something like that, changing the connection of the curve from world to local.


onouris, thanks, works well on poly curve extrusions,
found you have to freeze transforms of all curves.
which does limit some uses.

then tried on:
nurbs path profile extruded with paths set to local grouped double transform still occurs

please see:


used old school method,
of seperate groups for meshs,def world space : this is for:

nurbs path profile extrude 2 seperate groups one for meshs other for paths,
then insert loop extrude faces, then moved paths group,
on move result was faces inverted extrude faces flipped, ie history failed.please see


Hi cgers,

Trying to wrap my head around mayas double transform,

…why can 3dsmax take a path and cross section and
loft it, group all parts and move with no double transform. instance and uninstance

… Why can cinema4d sweep and rail sweep
path and cross section, group all parts and multiple group with no double transform.
instance and uninstance.

…Presumably Houdini

And yet maya king of hollywood cannot at the most basic level achieve the same task.
ok its good at rigging ,animation and scripting, but that doesnt excuse this basic fault.

Has anybody managed to script a better maya solution.


if every time you hit a problem you start the usual non-sens rant about Maya blablablaba you really won’t go anywhere.

No need a script for that.
You really have to learn how all this stuff is working and why things are working like they are.
The local and world thing, hierarchy etc. Also pay attention to the “inherits Transform” check box


onouris , i am not having a go, i am not admittedly technical but can achieve the results out of the box,
im 3dsmax and cinema4d,
your solution seems to work some of the time,
not sure wether you have left out freeze transform, or are centering pivots, or deleting history at certain points
i havent been deleting history.

I have followed your instructions , and very grateful for them,
but , you can do exactly the same proceedure as you have noted and end up with errors in the history stack
at various stages.

please see attached:
Node editor path and profile set to local nurbs poly extrude failed extrude shape altered

as above worked ok unti you duplicate input graph, curve profile scale broken extrude does not update

its about usability and speed for simpler people.


well maybe maya is not really suited to you, i mean if you feel more comfortable with C4d and is doing the job stay with it.
I know that here and there you will always hear Maya industry standard blablablabal the thing is if you don’t need all that stuff stay with C4d (which is effectively really easy to use, but lacks granular control).

So yeah i’m not saying that Maya is easy to grasp, some part can be quiet hard but once you know how maya works under the hood it will be easy to do whatever you want and speed up things.(you could even speed up more the process with scripts if you want)

In my gif as you can see all the nodes are there so the history is there nothing is deleted.
Also the yellow message is not an error it’s just a warning.

I would suggest looking at some tutorials about hierarchy etc You will find them mostly in rigging tutorials.

If you want a quick way to solve your problem and don’t want to bother with all this hierarchy stuff, you can do the following.
Basically, you do all your stuff as it is then you create a new shape node and connect the original shape to it.

That way the new shape is an exact copy of the generated tube but with its own transform so you can move it scale it as you want.
That way you leave your original mesh where it is. And you can connect as many shapes as you want.


hi, thanks onouris,

thought i better add some notes to assist others, and myself.
the extruded surface needs inherit transform on when in a group with path and profile set to local.
if you wish to rotate the profile shape you select all the cvs of the profile and rotate cvs,
just rotating the profile curve seems to have no effect.



more explanation for others.

just when you thought it worked,
tried onouris method on a poly lofted surface,
create loft surface from 3 bezier curves, default surface seen, changed curves to local space, error
surface disappeared failed to compute. surface disappeared.

please see:

if this occurs it was because you did not freeze transform of all curves,

then boolean both surfs, grouped all elements, double transorm occurs unless inherit transform off for boolean surf.

filleting the resulting boolean edge still to do.

so am i right in assuming other programs such as houdini and maya hardmesh plugin use local space, freeze transforms, and automatically set
the correct inherit transform on or off depending on group hierachy. Still think this system if you were building a factory is pretty

thanks c


more history errors:

nurbs loft, output poly surface count 200 quad,
build curves freeze transform set local
extrude faces.

try history, move curve object fail, move cvs ok,
but extrude poly history failed.

please see: