How do you get a pixar eye look?



I created a pixar eye look a like using Ira Krakow’s tutorial, orignally based from a blender wiki tutorial years ago.

My inspiration is going on the eye from the character Mike from Monster’s inc.

I don’t know what settings to tweak to get a less consentated white eye colour and the correct shine transparency for the pupil/Iris section.



When you compare the Monsters Inc image to my scene, the big difference is that their is plenty of light, foreground and background.

Nobody has given this a try here? Must be sombody!:hmm:


hello:) You should write something else about this object and project.Not everybody watched this tutorial(for example I didn’t). It looks like internal render. Maybe You should to render it in cycles?
I am amatour but I would say that you should google iris texture:) I made this objects in few minutes.If you want to have similar effects write, I will upload blend file. Eye is made from 3 objects.


Hi there,

Here is my up to date render.

I used Ira’s tutorial on youtube


Firstly,I would change the model. Why You have got small subdivision surface(Did you have any)?
Seconly,If I were you, I would say which renderer I want to use. If someone else would like to help You,it would be better if He knows…
Eventually, I hope you are not using blender 2,49. Using now that version would be wasting of time.Even internal renderer is much more faster in news version of blender.


I am using the exact layout as the tutorial explains, I am using 2.63. And yes I am using the Internal render.

I have four lights for the scene, so you can notice the shadow on the white eye, I want a little bit of shine on the white eye, very similar to Mike’s white eye, but ultimately the aim is to get the shine on the pupil/ Iris section as seen on Mike’s.


I don’t see what is wrong with the tutorial I had used, I think the main problem is the lighting. Here is another render. The tutorial dates back to 2005, I first saw it back then on wiki, but I couldn’t make much sense of it then.

I also did some image searches on Bing for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 of Buzz Light year, the Iris doesn’t change from one film to the next. Here are a couple of images of Buzz.

Trying to get a Toy story eye or Monsters Inc eye or both is the aim, like Ira mentions in his tutorial the eyes have depth, the lighting contributes to that almost entirely.


I have removed all lights from the scene, but I have kept one “Lamp” with very low energy to create a fake shine, though it doesn’t look anything like the examples i have been trying to emulate.

Toy Story’s white eyes tend to have a slight shine on the white eye compared to Monster’s Inc, and the lighting is multiple, but the shine is still present usually near the Iris or in some cases in the pupil.


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