How do you fix 'undo'?



How do you fix the undo feature in photoshop to behave properly? Right now pressing it once undoes the last thing and pressing it again redoes it, I want it to undo again and again and use ctrl+y or shift+z to redo. I know you can go through the history but thats annoying.


That’s not how it works.
Ctrl+Z is undo but it will only undo the last action, to go further back you need to either go through the history or use the ‘step backward’ command below the undo command in the edit menu.
To do repeated undo actions, you’ll actually use the step backward command not undo.
The shortcut is ‘alt-ctrl+z’(PC) or ‘opt-cmd+z’(MAC).
If you don’t like it, then I don’t know what to tell you.


you do nothing cause it is working properly


It’s a setting. Just go >Preferences>General and set the Redo Key to Ctrl+Y.


i usually change it somewhere in the settings
keyboard shortcuts can be customized in CS3.
for all these people saying its working correctly,
i found it weird and wrong too.


In customizing keys just swap ctrl-z(step backward) with ctrl-z+y((i think its in cs3) undo))

and you solved your problem




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