HOW DO YOU DO THIS IN LW: Flag on a Pole (Model Included)


How do a cloth simulation of a flag using standard Lightwave?
I want to do a cloth simulation using standard Lightwave.(8x or 9x)

I am working on animation that includes a flag attached to a pole.
The idea of the simulation is that the movement of the flag is determined
by the movements of the wodden pole and wind “events”.

To aid the discussion I have included a simple proxy object.

Looking forward to your comments and ideas.




I would go back to motion designer for this.


I’ve just been doing some flags and banners in a Maya project and had to use Maya 7’s cloth (which bites). So I reverted to what I knew and did it in LW, then converted it. Will try to give this object a look and a go.


OK here is the scene with no collision detection.

Ok I updated a bit the object and also added the animation scene.
Here is a link to the flag animation with no colision detection
and here are the settings for the controls

Ok so now do I set up the collision detection to the pole?



Hi Roberto,
I was playing around with a similar scene not long ago, and I had a look at your scene and this is what I reckon you could do.
First I tried upping the bounce/bind power on the pole, but I was getting some nasty jerky results. The other option is to take off collision, and put cloth FX onto the pole, with fix all on, and collision set to alll. up the bounce bind power…
the other option which i found worked better, was create a collision null, set to bounce, square shape. then stretch the null till it resembles your pole, but a little larger. then up the bounce bind power to 250% ish… then match the nulls position to the pole and parent it top the pole. calculate, and bang you should have a decent collision.
If you want i will post some screen shots. :slight_smile:


Please do post some shots.

I am going to try your trick now…


Hi Roberto,
The other thing I forgot to mention, was turn exclusive collision off in the clothfx tab.
and I also set the collision to weight rather than using the surface.
So above is a pic of the rough setup. play with the fix rough settings on the collision null to adjust how the cloth reacts with the pole.
I have attached the scene so you can have a look at what i did. it’s rough but you get the idea.

and here is a quick render. enjoy :slight_smile:



That would do it.

Now lets see If i can add some wind effectors to the scene.



Not sure if this will give you any help (Maya tutorial)…coincidentaly found it while looking for some other info and thought of your thread here… you might find it interesting. >


Not sure if this is directed at me, but I assume it is due to my earlier maya comments…
Yeah as you can see there’s almost no proper cloth self-collision in maya before nCloth came around. That’s why I opted for LW cloth.


Guys, I am planning to update the scene as soon as I get home.

Lets keep the great suggestions coming.



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