How do I synch up a Wacom Tablet with Silo?


Can somebody give me tips on synching up a Wacom Intuos Pro with Silo 3D? I want to try using the Paint Displacement features with a drawing tablet’s pressure sensitive pen.


It should just work. I’ve not used my Wacom with silo for a while, I will have to test it, but I don’t recall needing to do anything to get it to work.


Yeah, I thought it allowed capabilities like changing the brush size using the tablet. Instead, it’s still rudimentary controls that need keyboard commands and custom brush creations. I guess I’ll have to just use it simply as a brush tool because it doesn’t work well as a replacement to a three-button mouse.


The only thing about using the stylus over a mouse I would miss is the scroll wheel for soft selection control.

I think you can map the tablet buttons and touch wheel (or whatever it’s called) on a per application basis so it should not be too difficult to do what you require.