how do I stop/avoid a texture to repeat itself in a cloner object?


Can’t seem to figure this out.
I’m creating a stack of 14 wooden planks on top of each other.
Cube (=plank) with a texture, put a in cloner object, assigned random shader to shift position, rotation and scale a bit so the stack looks more natural.
However, the texture keeps repeating itself. Every plank looks the same :frowning:
I’d rather not use a multi shader (material-texture-mograph-multi shader), I’ve got one texture that’s perfect so i’d like the texture to be randomly applied to all instances of the cloner.
How do I do this?

Looking very much forward to the solution!



Start by looking for an forum that has a clue what software your ‘cloner’ tool is from and post to it.


Wrong forum apparently…
Same question now in Maxon forum …