How do I sculpt this seemingly simple pattern?


I’m relatively new to ZBrush and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to sculpt the pattern that’s on the fin of this clownfish (image attached).

All I want is a simple set of straight lines that “fans” out radially from where the fin connect to the fish’s body. On the other fin they simply run parallel.

It’s like ZBrush makes the simplest tasks so hard. I’ve wasted four hours researching trying to figure out how to do something so simple. I tried the line stroke tool - it doesn’t work for me no matter what I do. The circle stroke tool and line stroke tool both act like they’re broken and I get a freehand stroke no matter what I do. Holding shift when I draw creates a straight line but it always snaps it to “world” straight which does me no good. I can’t make anything work using the “curve mode” of the stroke tool - what a complicated tool. It’s unlike any curve tool I’ve ever used.

Any suggestions? Isn’t there some way to do simple lines “point and click” style, similar to how you can in Photoshop?


Press “L” to turn on lazy stroke. It will give you more control. Press “L” again to turn off.

Whatever you do, don’t use a mouse with zbrush.


even know if you turn lazy mouse on you still may need to adjust it for a more even or straight stroke,
stroke menu> lazy mouse smooth or lazy mouse radius.

if your has a alpha image you could all so use stroke>drag Rect


Lazy Mouse
Snap To Track


Thanks guys, those tips helped a lot. I was able to get it sculpted pretty close to how I wanted it. :bowdown:


Sorry, I figured this out then forgot to post it. Well, save it for next time…

Start the stroke, click the brush. THEN hold down shift and you get straight line.


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