how do i save a hardware render?


ive been trying to do this for like 3 days now and cant figure it out. its sad. i looked in the help files and cant find it there. can somebody please help me out?



do a playblast?


In your render gloabals, click on hardware render gloabals from the edit menu, or from the hardware render buffer go to render->attributes. Set up the hardware render globals for your sequence or whatever, then click “render sequence” from the render menu in the hardware render buffer.


thx for the help guys, 1 more thing, how would i save like an avi or mov? all i see is like jpgs and stuff. thx


create tiff or targas and create a film with quicktime.
or use fcheck.


by using the tiffs to make a film do u mean like bringing them into after effects or somethin? or is there and easier way?


batch render


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